Stage Visuals, Live Performance

When long-time collaborator and fellow visual artist Alexander Trattler asked me to join the next edition of 4fakultät and play visuals for a night of genre-crossing musical improvisation it was clear that I would be on a train to Hamburg very soon.

We set up a system for the evening that would allow us to collaboratively play our generative visuals on the walls of Künstlerhaus Faktor and dive deep into the three-hour concert that featured Jimi Tenor, Méryll Ampe, Alireza Mehdizadeh and Pejram Tahmasbi as well as Acre playing improvisations in fluently permutating combinations.


Live Visuals: Maximilian Mittermeier, Alexander Trattler
Lights: Artur Musalimov
Music: Jimi Tenor (Warp / Helsinki), Méryll Ampe (Audiotalaia / Paris), Alireza Mehdizadeh and Pejram Tahmasbi (Berlin, Iran), Acre (Creative Sources / Rome)
Photography: Philipp Schewe