Stage Visuals, Live Performance

We collaborated with neo-classical pianist Martin Kohlstedt to create a unique concert experience.

For their 2017 edition, Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg commissioned an audio-visual live show to be performed in the extraordinary setting of their fulldome projection tent. The spatial arrangement in the venue had the audience lie down in chairs, looking up into a 360° projection which offered an opportunity for us to deliver a truly immersive show.

I joined forces with Alexander Trattler, Jeremias Volker and Dimitar Ruszev to create the visuals. With Martin’s live music being based on modular improvisation and no fixed setlist, we decided that realtime generative content would offer the most freedom to break out of the usual arrangement of visuals just following the music. Instead, we wanted to have a real conversation going on between musician and visual artists, with both parts influencing each other during the performance.

My tasks included the design and live performance of visual modules for the show, designing the software core that would enable each artist to use his preferred software tool (processing, vvvv, etc.) within a unified pipeline as well as designing the user interface to be used during the performance.

We played a unique show on each of the four days of the festival.